For about 15 years, Kevin Denham has been a student of the art of pressure washing, window cleaning, and carpet/upholstery cleaning, among many other hobbies, not the least of which are surfing and Jiu-Jitsu. During this journey he utilized his talents as a high school Spanish teacher and a food server to make ends meet as he attempted to cultivate his business. Before this, he lived in Costa Rica to learn Spanish while pursuing his B.A. in Philosophy at Biola University. After graduating, he began his Masters degree in New Testament Studies and thought he knew his vocation. However, as life tends to demonstrate, he was called to do something different. So he worked with a friend for a couple of years learning these trades, and then made the decision to start his own company.

In 2005, Kevin Denham and his business partner at the time Daniel founded Cleanovations. After 5 years Kevin bought out the business from his partner, who is still one of Kevin's closest friends. Daniel had an opportunity to become a financial advisor and is happily pursuing that line of work to this day! Although Kevin didn't realize it at the time, everything he did was sculpting him to be the trustworthy business man he is today. This is now his passion, which is evident in his eyes and facial expressions while talking shop. In fact, he continues to personally accompany his employees on the preponderance of jobs to make certain that everything turns out perfectly. It always does, but he seems to want to be a part of the cleaning process because he is such a perfectionist with his services.

Kevin currently resides in Anaheim Hills with his amazing wife and two boys, with one more on the way! With another baby coming, there is an even greater desire to generate new accounts and make new relationships. To this day he prefers to go out in the field than to be in the office; he is a people person, and an outdoors person! Providing a useful and honest service that people actually need is what keeps him thirsty and eager to grow. Kevin understands the minutiae of this industry, has integrity, is a loyal and devoted family man and father, and would truly love to clean whatever you need cleaned for a fair price. Give him a chance and you will be 100% satisfied. 

Cleanovations has been cleaning our windows at Rusty Pelican Newport Beach for 7 years. They do a great job and are very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this company.
— Traci Nelson, Assistant General Manager, Rusty Pelican